A Call to Specifically Identify the Enemy

by Drēogan

An address mainly to Europeans who consider themselves anti-Jewish:

We must understand who the enemy is. Who is it specifically that is bringing the destruction of European culture and morals. Who is causing world terrorism. Who is brainwashing us through the media. Who is playing us off against each other.

They are a group of Khazarian people who converted to Judaism in the Dark Age and practice in the cult of Satan. This is the Jewish cult of Satan, not some cartoonist thing. It is the implementation of the Jewish concept of evil and the complete enslavement of all of humanity.

We think of “ISIS” in the Middle East as Muslim radicals. However, we know there are more moderate forms which Europe can deal with safely (as long as they are in their own lands). We can think of Satanic Jews as radical Jews. This implies there are more moderate forms of Jews. We see these Jews exist, whom don’t have any specific plans of domination etc. However, these Jews have been “kept in line” by their Satanic leaders. Their leaders think of them as servants as well. These Jews have been brainwashed by the Satanic Jews, in essence, through repeated “victimization events” where the Satanic leadership terrorizes it’s own Jewish populace, directly or through proxies, so they develop a complex and become radicalized. (The most well-known example of this is the so-called Holocaust.) So, it is important to consider that when understanding the place of Jews in our world and the future. There can be moderate Jews, who live in their own lands, and who have no place in Europe. And we should think of them just as we would think of moderate Muslims.

Concerning Christianity’s violent conversions during the Dark Age: The Roman Empire was falling, took up Christianity as a new weapon, and used it to try and save their crumbling empire. This operation continued to be run from the Vatican after Rome’s collapse. We saw other European tribes, who were not forcefully converted, convert on their own will for political reasons. The people of these tribes ensured that the traditional European culture was preserved in the “Christian” practices.

So, we know Christianity was originally used as a weapon against Europe. We know the Vatican is involved and is today connected somewhat with the Khazarian Satanic Jewish sect (though they are not always aligned, and there is evidence that they were, at least in part, at war at recent times). We know the Jewish ideas in Christianity are foreign to us. They should be removed. However, this Christianity, while Jewish, does not concern itself with the promotion of the utterly vile ideas of the Satanic Jewish sect most of the time.

The ones who are the root of all our problems today are the Khazarian Satanic Jewish sect and should be dealt with first and foremost, and with absolute conviction, before we concern ourselves with the other, more minor problems inherent in a non-European influence on our culture.

After the complete defeat of the Khazarian Satanic Jewish sect (and possibly the Vatican as well, but they already have diminished influence), we can focus on the purification of the European culture as a top priority (though it certainly would not hurt to do this now as well). We must also think in terms of the future for Europe in a world (whether we like it or not) of ever-advancing technology. For sheer reasons of defense, we absolutely cannot abandon all modern technology. I believe we should remain as close to nature as possible, but our sorcerers (i.e. scientists) should continue to advance Europe’s knowledge to their full abilities. How we chose to utilize this knowledge is a different matter.

Just as some of our forefathers chose to become religious instead of sorcerers and some chose to settle permanently instead of being hunter-gatherers, perhaps today there are other changes to be made. Or perhaps not. Either way, we should maintain all ways of the past as best we can in different parts of Europe. At the same time, we should always chose to understand everything the best we can and not be left open to the perils of change from the outside or inside.

A general diagram of cultural, religious, and political linkages as I understand it:

P.S. A preemptive reply to those who might say that to accept any Jew is to admit treason: Sometimes it is more wise to consider what a total war policy will bring. Is it worth the political and social difficulties to pursue a policy that is not entirely necessary? Would it not be more prudent to behave in a way closest to the reality of the situation? Unnecessarily targeting moderate Jews for persecution will only reinforce their victimization complex and re- or ultra-radicalize them. It has done so before.

In specialibus generalia quaerimus.